It’s Mini Magic

Yesterday, we went down to the garage at the bottom of my street on Rutland Avenue in Lancaster to produce a promotional film of some pretty interesting cars. D.C. Wilson have set up a mini showroom (when I say ‘mini’, I mean that it’s small rather than just a showroom for Minis). They are going to put cars in there which are either classics or just have something a bit different about them compared to your common-or-garden second hand car.

We were met by two very gorgeous Minis. The cream one is really old (I think it was a P reg) and it only has 10,000 miles on the clock. That’s right – 10,000 miles!  It has been owned from new by one lady and is in its totally original state. It was amazing. There was not a mark on it. You couldn’t buy that to drive – it’s too classic – you’d just have to buy it to look at and polish occasionally or stick it on the mantlepiece. Who would have thought cars like that still exist? Apparently, it belonged to a little old lady, but obviously when she bought it 30 years ago, she wouldn’t have been that old (or little). Watch the film – you’ll see what I mean.

These modern BMW Minis are all well and good, but there is something very appealing about these original old Minis. However, their primitive design and lo-tech interiors wouldn’t suit everyone – we are too spoiled by comfy seats, air con and in-car entertainment.

The other Mini is a Mini Van and is a brilliant restoration job. It made me want to stock something that I could deliver just so I could drive is about the place – it’s a real head turner. Mini vans must be really rare these days – I don’t actually remember seeing many of them when they were in real circulation all those years ago.

There was one other car in the showroom. However, to my shame, I can’t even remember what it was. Well, it was black and a Ford. However, it was those Minis that really turned my head.

Go on – buy one – check them out at


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