That will be ‘ere the setting sun

Well were did that title come from?  Strangely, it’s something which just popped into my mind from my O’Level English days!  It may well be a line from one of the great Bard’s plays – I shall leave you to ponder that one.

Recently, I’ve been heading out with a camera and a tripod and working on a few timelapse shots of the area.  Normally, photos of sunsets on Facebook and blog pages give me rage! We can all take a sunset! However, last week, I found myself totally transfixed by the Morecambe sunset!  It’s so early in the year, the Sun was further round than I imagined it would be.  I had an idea that I would have the Sun disappearing into the Lake District fells.  However, it was nowhere near them… Not that it mattered because I became totally transfixed by the sunlight at is hit the clouds – and those clouds became the landscape for these shots.

I shot them with my trusted GH4, a variable filter and nice and slow shutter speed to give soften my shots.  It’s a departure from photographing dogs and filming wedding which seems to have kept me very busy so far this year!


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