Never work with animals…?

The great comedian, W.C. Fields, is credited with the line, “Never work with children or animals.”  At Gorgeous Media we are laughing in the face of such advice.

We have just been re-commissioned to film the Laura Sandham School of Dance show which is being produced early in 2017 at  Lancaster Grand Theatre and we love filming these sort of events!  It takes me back to the days when I was small and excluded from any activity which involved putting one foot in front of the other in time to  music.  I think I was deprived and people just possibly overlooked my rare talent.  Anyway, filming Miss Laura’s dance students makes me mindful of just what could have been… well, possibly not a lot, but the good thing is that when you haven’t even been given the chance to try, you have eluded failure!

So, there’s the working with children bit sorted.  That’s not all though.  We are also well under way with producing a number of films about people and their pets for Lancaster Veterinary Centre.  This is such fun!  So far, I have met Peaches the cat, Alfie the Terrier, Alfie the Springer and Buster the Westie… not to mention 7 ferrets and their cat.  It’s certainly been a project to focus my mind (especially the ferrets).


It’s very interesting how very comfortable people feel talking about their pets on camera. I’ve enjoyed meeting people and just listening to their stories of their dedication to their animals.  There’s something very touching about hearing how hard people have worked to ensure the health and wellbeing of their animals – sometimes in very difficult circumstances – I mean have you ever thought how difficult it must be to manage a dog’s diabetes what with all of the food control and injections.  Filming animals is fairly intense because they don’t take direction terribly well (especially ferrets).

Watch this space, we shall be releasing these films very soon.



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