One Voice Community Choir and Tipitina

So now, I’ve been doing a film project with One Voice Community Choir recently.  It’s been fun.  One Voice rehearse very week at County Hall in Preston, so I’ve covered some of their rehearsals, interviewed some choir members and filmed some of their performances.  Their sort of music is infectious; it’s music that gets your heart beating faster and gets you dancing about a bit (which can become a bit of a problem when you are working with cameras!  Shakeeee :))

Last night, I went and filmed them at a local gig – well local for me anyway – at The Platform in Morecambe.  They were supporting jazz and blues band Tipitina and performed in the first half of the show, before joining the band at the end of the night to close the show with two more numbers.

I had really got what I needed from the shoot by the interval, but The Platform was all a-buzz, so I thought I’d hang about and see what Tipitina were all about.  I never like to be the first to leave a party – I’m too afraid of missing something and besides the people in One Voice told me I was in for a treat – so I ordered myself another tap water from the bar (on the rocks – that’s just the way I roll) and sat and watched and listened.  Those fine folk from One Voice weren’t wrong – Tipitina are superb – and both groups’ performances through the evening were stunning.  I don’t have the words in me to describe Tipitina – think New Orleans jazz and blues, add a twist of funk and just find out where they are performing next and go see them for yourselves.

By the second half, I’d packed my cameras away, my work was done after all, but  I felt the need to dance about the place – but I felt a bit awkward – I was on my own…  I had a cunning plan however – back out came the camera, and it shifted from video to camera mode – so now I’m the event photographer for the evening.  I spent the rest of the night dancing about the place to this amazing music with my Panasonic GH4 – we captured the above shots together whilst in camera/dance mode 🙂 Not bad eh?



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