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Strictly Show Time – filming live events in Lancaster

It’s been a busy year.  We kicked off last month providing film coverage of the Paula Boscott School of Dance‘s Strictly Showtime extravaganza.  

That’s what so good about making films and recording lives – everything is so different:  Two weeks earlier, I’d been working for the Methodist Church and then a primary school in the Lake District and then suddenly I’m at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster filming more dazzle and dazzle than you could shake a stick at!

Strictly Showtime-10-2

Paula’s School of Dance is really impressive – there were 100 people performing in the show which in itself must have been a logistical nightmare. I really enjoy filming live shows – I think it’s because I enjoy live performance.  10 years ago, I was part of a touring theatre company called Cats Eye.  There were only three of us and we travelled all over the UK performing plays and often doing much of the technical stuff too.  It just keeps you on your toes – and that’s what I feel when I cover live shows – kept on my toes…

Strictly Showtime-11-2

For live shows at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster, I film using a three camera set up – two in the circle and one from the orchestra pit. I also took the sound directly from the desk so it’s nice and ‘clean’, but then mix back in some of the applause at the end of each song.  I think about all of the things that I performed in when I was a teenager in the 1980’s.  Some were filmed by massive cameras which probably had nowhere near the technical capacity that cameras have these days.  What’s more, they were often operated by blokes with little understanding of how to film a live show – they just happened to have a camera to film trains at the end of Castle Station.  I wish that the technology had been as good as it is these days – I would love to see proper films of our performances.  I love the fact that that’s what Gorgeous Media can give to young up and coming performers today – the chance in thirty years time or so to be able to watch them back and relive that experience.

Strictly Showtime-11-4

100 people performed and the age range must have been from 5 to 70.  It’s good to see people showing what they have learned.  It made me want to take up ballroom dancing, and when I watch it, I think I could do it.  However, I have been visualising crossing the finish line of the London Marathon for the last thirty years… it doesn’t mean it will ever or could ever happen!

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