It all starts and ends with you.

At the start of any production we talk to you, the client, about what you need and any ideas you already have.

Importantly, we also discuss your budget at this stage because we appreciate that this is an important factor in any production.

Then we get creative.  We find it varies how involved a client wants to be or can be at this stage. Some really want to work in collaboration with us on the creative direction of their piece, while others want to let us do this and simply let us know what bits they like and what they would like to amend.

From here it is pre production.

Scripting, storyboarding and planning the practical elements such as cast and locations.

No matter how small or large your film, documentary, drama or motion graphics, all films need pre production.  As they say, the devil is in the detail!

Then the fun starts.

Production is always exciting, no matter what.  Seeing those plans come to fruition, watching the filming of a drama or listening to the interviewees tell their story, it’s always a pleasure.

Clients are always welcome on a shoot if they would like to join us but we always prepare them for a long day and they often find themselves mucking in!

Once this is completed it’s back to the studio for post production.

As a team we know the importance of post production – it can really make or break a production.

We can produce your graphics and even create the soundtrack and we work very hard to make sure the finished piece is even better than you first imagined.

Then we prepare your film for distribution in your chosen medium.

It’s that easy. Regardless of your production this tends to be the process but, everything we do is bespoke to fit the production and the client.

So give us a call and we can talk to you about how we could work together.

mail@gorgeousmedia.co.uk | 01524 841031