So WHY make a video?

That is a really great question.

Simple mail-outs can be cheaper. Print adverts get seen by quite a lot of people. Networking works well, but you can never get to everything.  Just take a moment to think about how you personally access information. Where do you search for services these days? How did you find out about that really great day out?  What made you think about buying that car from that dealer or that brand of make-up?

You either stumbled upon it on the internet or you did a targeted internet search. Even if you had a personal recommendation, I bet you checked it out online.  Can you see where we are going here?

The web has changed marketing  and Google is instrumental in this change, so it stands to reason we all need to make sure that our websites contain content that Google loves.

And Google LOVES video! Websites with video are 50 times more likely to gain an organic first page ranking.  Why? Well it’s all to do with how Googles search algorithm works with unique content.  The number of sites with web video is far fewer than those with articles and other text.  Google favours pages with unique content, so it sees sites with web video as more unique than sites without. So it presents you with that first in your search results.

Also did you know that Youtube is the 3rd biggest search engine? So if you have a video and it is on Youtube you’re going to be placing yourself higher up the search engine results.

AND did you know that video is the most shared form of content on Twitter?  There must be a reason for this.

It’s all about human connections.  As human beings we want to engage with each other and our brains process information if we see or hear another person conveying this. So quite simply video is a great way to communicate and build a rapport with your customers, no matter where you screen it. A good video should let you market your products concisely and show off your brand identity.

Consumers are telling marketers that they prefer a more personal sell, so producing a video that allows your potential customer to feel a synergy with you means they understand your brand even before you have spoken to them in person.  They will want to connect with you, or be contacted by you, because they will feel they have a connection with you and your brand.

It’s not all about the hard sell.   Using video on your website can be a chance to tell people about you and your team.  Most people expect to see an “About us” section on your website so why not create a short video to introduce yourselves. This is really useful for companies that have international customers or who want to show a little bit of ”behind the scenes”.   Not only that but a video is a great way to show off your products and provide demonstrations or tutorials or even customer testimonials.

Video is versatile.   This means that by producing one video, it can be used online, in presentations, at conferences, on information screens, within emails and as part of a wider marketing campaign. So you’re really getting more bang for your buck with video. If the company producing the film are good, then the film you produce this year can simply be updated or added to next, so you can keep costs down if you need to.

So what are you waiting for?  Now you know why, give us a call and we can help you with the how.

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