LuneTube – The Film Phenomenon of North Lancashire

Since September last year I have been involved in the setting up of LuneTube; you may have heard about it? It’s a channel which covers the lesser-known heritage stories about North Lancashire.

It’s a philanthropic venture for me and other contributors including local historian, David Chandler. Most Wednesdays we’ve been gathering a script and heading off to another far-flung place in the County (generally near a tea room) to produce a One Minute Wonder film (that’s what they’re called).

We release our films every Thursday night. So far our films have been watched nearly 40,000 times by local people hungry to know more about where we live. I mean, we all know about the mainstream stuff – the port, the witches, the castle: But there is another strand of local history which is maybe on the B,C or D list, which if we are not careful may disappear over time because we don’t consider it interesting enough. That’s where LuneTube step in! To preserve the past for future generations – preserved on film forever!

Originally, my intention was to produce films quickly, using a fairly basic low-tech approach. I used my little Osmo camera which is a small sensor small camera on a gimbal – we were well away – producing films very quickly. However, after a while, my own creative ego kicked in and these days we use better cameras and apply much higher production values.

These films have been a complete joy to produce. I think they have sharpened me up as a filmmaker and have reminded me that the process of making films and telling stories is fun (not that I’d really forgotten!) and it’s joyous and there’s nothing beats allowing your creativity to flow!

I’ve also learned a great deal along the way which I am now starting to apply to my Gorgeous Media work and am offering slightly different advice about audience development and engagement through social media. LuneTube’s audience development has been the secret of our viewing figures – for companies thinking that a film is the magic bullet in a marketing campaign, it can be – but that is as long as you have a robust marketing strategy alongside the film and a strategy for reaching potential audiences and hitting them with content. Our viewing figures, likes on Facebook, website subscriptions and twitter following figures speak for themselves.

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