Election Fever hit the Country in June 2017… Well, that may be somewhat of an over-statement.  However, during May, Gorgeous Media did head up to Grasmere School for a day to produce five Party Election Broadcasts with the children of Class 4 who had created their own political parties to deal with issues which were important to them.

Video workshops are fun.  However, they are also full of potential learning outcomes – they can help children understand the technical processes of video production; they can also teach them how we create messages through sound and moving images and how we use film to influence audiences and quite simply how they convey a message.  The real power of the media lies in the fact that we don’t even know how susceptible we are to their influence – workshops like these hopefully serve to raise awareness of the effects of the media.

Our video workshops are very hands-on:  In this project, the children all become members of the Gorgeous Media Production Team and took turns to announce shots with the clapper-board, to film with Canon HD cameras or to capture sound through hand-held microphones.  The children had already written their scripts, so on our filming day, all we had to do was think about film location and visual style and content and then we were away with filming (the fun bit!).  What you see below was produced during one school day of production and another day of post-production.  Working in small teams to produce films so quickly was challenging and all credit to the children – they were on task for most of the day (although a furry microphone (also know as a ‘dead cat’ and hearing yourself through a set of headphones is always a guaranteed distraction!).  The final part of the learning process in film is to watch the final products back and begin to evaluate how the films could have worked better – so that the children know for next time.

Having worked in eduction for ten years, I have many ideas for film workshops in schools and with young people and am used to working with clients from a range of agencies to develop projects which are creative and which help young people to develop new skills.  If you work with young people and have a germ of an idea for a project, get in touch and let’s see if we can come up with a plan.

Have a watch of the five Party Election Broadcasts below – they are guaranteed to make you smile.  Have a look at our events work here.

Client: Grasmere School Location: Grasmere, Cumbria Genre: Video Workshops in Schools