We’ve been producing a series of mini films for Grasmere School in Cumbria to promote their after school activities.  This film covers their sailing club on Windermere.  I went and filmed them last year on the stillest evening of the whole year which is not the ideal condition for sails!  When I watch this film, it makes me want to be eight years old again and go to Grasmere School!  The children just seem to be so busy finding out about the world around them through a massive range of organised activities.  The evening I covered Sailing Club, I felt like I’d stumbled into an Arthur Ransome chapter of Swallows and Amazons!  The children were not thwarted by the lack of wind, but saw it as a  perfect opportunity to practise their capsizing skills.  The tranquil silence of the lake was shattered by excited chatter and constant requests, “can we capsize again?” “can we have another go?” “one more time?”.  It was so exciting – and were it not for my very expensive camera equipment, I might have ended up in the water too!

These films are a perfect way to show the school clubs. We are planning to make great use of this footage – firstly it will stand alone as a mini film about sailing club etc.. However, we shall then maximise the footage by using it in a broader film which promotes Grasmere School – these shots will become cutaways.  It’s a really efficient way of making films – we like getting as much out of every drop of footage as we can – which actually makes any film project we do even more economically efficient. | (01524) 841031

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Client: Grasmere School Location: Grasmere, Cumbria Genre: Promotional