Lancaster Vets – mini docs

Lancaster Vets is a small animal practice on Bowerham Road in Lancaster.  In spring 2016, they commissioned me to produce a series of films about the practice for the rest of the year.

I produced 10 short films, covering client and pet testimonials (obviously the owners had to speak on behalf of their pets!) in short form documentaries, time-lapse films and mini-adverts to give the feeling of a collection or series of films.

This film covers our piece-to camera practice tour.  We asked Sam, one of the veterinary nurses at the practice, to take us on a film  tour of the practice.  It was a brilliant opportunity to have a play with our new piece of kit – the DJI Osmo.  The DJI Osmo is a nifty piece of kit which basically is a camera on a gimbal (which is similar in function to steady cam).  The word ‘gimbal’ describes a pivoted support which allows the rotation of an object about a single axis.  It allowed me to glide about LVC following Sam whilst she discussed the X-ray room, the theatre and prep room.

Piece-to-camera is very difficult.  I have filmed people in the past who have felt confident that they can present, but once they try to present to a camera, they are reduced to tears.  Sam was possibly the best presenter I have ever filmed! She took everything in her stride, made sense and was just really calm…maybe that’s the transferable quality of a good veterinary nurse! That said, when we put a close mic on her at the beginning of filming, we did have to adjust the mic because it could hear her heart thumping against her chest!


Client: Lancaster Vets Location: Lancaster Genre: Piece-to-camera