One Voice Community Choir commissioned me to produce a series of films for them in the spring of 2016.

The Choir has a membership of 70 and rehearses every week at County Hall in Preston.  They are led by MD Tyndale Thomas and perform all over the place at weddings, social events and shows.  They are brilliant.  Watching them rehearse was a complete joy!

#favouritesongs from Gorgeous Media on Vimeo.

When they came to me, they wanted a film which they could show on Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.  These days, I don’t think one film’s enough!  And so my strategy has developed – instead of producing one whopping ten minute film which audiences will sit down and watch for two minutes before they scroll through, we agreed that I would produce 12 films, each 2 – 3 minutes long.  That way, the choir’s social media guru Lou could drip feed them to their audience and use them more specifically over a longer period of time.  They could even produce their own One Voice Channel.

The films worked well.  We developed a corporate ‘house’ style and I set about covering the choir at rehearsals, a wedding and a public performance at The Platform in Morecambe.  I also set up interviews with choir members who could tell their own choir stories.  The project worked well – very well  People are so happy to talk about things that they love – and the members of One Voice certainly love their choir, that’s for sure.

This film features Suzie as she talks about singing solos and performing at weddings.  She is a superb story teller.  I crafted the questions for her knowing what footage I had and where I wanted to go.  The result works really well.  Now One Voice has a set of 12 films to draw on – they are quirky, energetic and engaging – and they don’t require ten minutes of audience attention.

These mini documentaries work well for a whole range of clients – I think they are the future.

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Client: One Voice Community Choir Location: Preston Genre: Promo