Piece to Camera

Here’s a really effective way of ramping up your website’s optimisation:  I produced this film for Steve Lewis in March 2016 – Steve is a Lancaster-based Psychotherapist.  He wanted a seres of short films to introduce him to people on his website.  It’s true – google loves websites with films – films just send more visitors to you site. Find out more in this article.

At first Steve’s intention was to speak directly to the camera.  However, this is far more difficult that you could imagine and he just did not feel comfortable.  We changed our approach:  Instead of talking to the inanimate, impersonal camera, Steve talked to me.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to address a person rather than something digital, and we worked really quickly and had 4 short films in the can in no time.  I also have a teleprompter and so if you really want to address your public directly, a teleprompter could be your solution – and they are fun to work with too.

The pros of producing a piece to camera are that it can be done relatively quickly which makes it a cost effective way of reaching out to your audience.  Putting yourself on screen shows your clients who you are, where you are.  And finally, Google will love you forever if you add films to your website.  Get in touch to find out more about producing your piece to camera. Give me a call to discuss the possibilities of a piece to camera film.

Client: Steve Lewis Location: The Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster Genre: Web-streaming