It’s not often we are given such a brilliant opportunity to flex our truly creative muscles,  However, when  we do,  we love it!  This is a piece of film work to accompany a soundscape we produced for Grasmere School.  It’s produced as part of the children’s art installation which they produced as a response to the Syrian Refugee crisis.  The art installation was influenced by fine artist Arabella Dorman’s artwork, ‘Flight’ which was displayed at St James’s Piccadilly earlier in 2016.   Grasmere School’s work was shown in Grasmere Church during Easter.  Gorgeous Media produced the accompanying sounds and also recorded twenty children reading a prayer for the children in the world who are having to flee their homes.

The children made lots of suggestions about what sounds they wanted to hear, and I tried to stay faithful to their ideas.  In order to give the work a longer life, I also went and filmed the sea so that there is a film to accompany the sound.  The sea film is hypnotic, and is more powerful than I imagined when I originally filmed it.  When I filmed it, I let the sea wash over my camera.  It’s those points I think which show the hopelessness of the situation – when I watch it back – it’s these bits, where the audience is submerged – which I find the most disturbing.

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Client: Grasmere School Location: Grasmere, Cumbria Genre: Video Art