The Gorgeous Media Teleprompter Has Landed…

Well now, if you are thinking of making a short piece-to-camera film to promote your business, engage with your customers and push up your google page rankings, we may be able to help!  

We have always filmed people talking about their businesses on film, but when people approach us to film a ‘piece-to-camera’ for them, we always wince a bit:  Why?  Well, the thing is, presenting to camera is not anything like talking to a camera, and people think that it is.  It isn’t.  For some reason it’s 5 trillion times more difficult:  Taking to camera and engaging your brain and trying to look animated and intelligent is just way too much to deal with all in one go!

That’s why we’ve just purchased an iPad Teleprompter.  It will change our lives and enable you to write and present scripts really efficiently.  You see the teleprompter uses special glass to reflect your words at you in crystal clear sharpness which makes it really easy to read.  No only that, because your words are effectively reflecting off the beam splitter glass, that enables us to film through the glass so that you are looking directly into the camera.  If you want to connect with your audience, you have to look at them.  Anyway, to show you how easy this is, Jemma came over the other evening and we made this film… IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES!! It was really easy.  The script was already written, but the process of filming was a breeze.  We could film and edit 6 x 1-2 minute films in a day – as long as you have prepared your script.  So if you want to give is a go, get in touch!


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