The Lapdog – Product Photographs For All Seasons…

We’ve been working with the fine folks who have invented the “Craft Anywhere” Tray – The Lapdog.

    Lapdog Tray 6

Having already produced them an instructional film about how to use the tray for a million and one different crafts, Ann asked us to produce some product shots of the tray in all its glory which she can use across a range of craft magazines over the next twelve months.

Lapdog Tray 5

Lapdog Tray 2



Product photography is fairly new to us.  However, I think we worked well to produce a myriad of shots for all occasions to show the tray in its best light.  Our process was quick and simple – Ann from Lapdog came along and ‘dressed’ the trays as she wanted them and I shot.  The whole shoot didn’t take longer than half a day.  Once we hit our stride, we were well away.  Another day or so for editing the shots and boom! we were done!

Lapdog Tray 1

Lapdog are pleased with the results, and Gorgeous Media is confident to add yet another string to our bow.  We are proud to be working with a local company which is reaching a global market.  Check them out at


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