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Every year Grasmere School children learn how to be safe in open water.  But it’s so much more than that.  This year Lancaster-based film-maker, Janine Bebbington of Gorgeous Media, worked with them to catch it all on film.

What appeared was sheer joy.  Watching it, you’re suddenly unsure of who’s doing the teaching:  The children might be learning safety, but they’re also doing a very good job of showing the rest of us how to be properly alive…

“You step out of your own problems and out of your own head and see the world again.”  This was actually written about growing plants at Sizergh-based mental health charity Growing Well, but could equally describe these children swimming in open water.

Being human nowadays is often stressful and anxious for many people.  The national statistics on mental health are concerning.  At Grasmere School, their aim is resilience – children who are confident, brave, positive, hopeful, creative, curious, loving… and happy!

It’s a complicated web of academic learning, playing in the woods, climbing mountains, acting plays, creating music, exploring through art, knitting, mindfulness, investigating how the world works, and engaging in adventures.

Here’s an adventure! The Summer Long is a film which lets us see and hear what happens when children are encouraged to explore their physical world.  It is a visual poem, narrated by the children of Grasmere School, using the words of their Grasmere poet William Wordsworth to celebrate the timeless beauty of their lake and their experiences.  It is a celebration of open water swimming and a celebration of childhood.

The film enjoyed its world premiere is at Zeffirellis Cinema, Ambleside, on November 6th.  It played to a packed auditorium and was highly acclaimed.

All funds collected at the showing went  to Growing Well, the Sizergh based mental health charity.

Do you want to watch the film?  Are you interested in having a film produced which covers a certain activity or event at your school.  The positive outcomes in terms of raising awareness, publicity and just by showing off what you do are endless.  Get in touch and we'll discuss how Gorgeous Media can help - from funding to production and distribution.  It could be epic!

For more information, contact Janine Bebbington: | (01524) 841031

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