There now follows a Party Election Broadcast…


Film workshops are fun!  Last week, I went and filmed party election broadcasts with the children from Class 4 at Grasmere School.

The children have been researching party political broadcasts and they have designed their own political parties to try to tackle some of the major problems in the world.  It was lovely to be invited up to help the children to film their broadcasts and learn about their manifestos.

Filming workshops with young people is about giving the children an opportunity to have a go at as many aspects of filming as they can in a relatively short amount of time.  I took a Sony XF100 HD camera (good quality and very user-friendly), a good mic (with a deadbeat – the children loved the deadbeat – I kept catching them stroking it!!) and headphones and a clapper board so that everyone would have a role in their production teams.  It was fun!

There was no lack of ideas during our shoot.  In fact the ideas were fast flowing and the real challenge was controlling the flow so that we could do all that we needed to do in our time.

The children’s main policies centred around being kind, being fair and being truthful, which left me wondering what on earth happens in politics.  Maybe we just overcomplicate things.  The children get my vote any day…

film workshops with primary schools

The children were brilliant filmmakers! They took direction, they listened, and they even offered to carry tripods and bags!  They’d already produced some really detailed scripts and some of the groups had even learned all their words.  It was like working with a proper production crew.

I think that the most important part of film workshops like these is that you work through a process and give the children a positive experience, but also that you then back this up with a good product which they can watch and be proud of what they have achieved – a good final product somehow serves to justify the tediousness of the process! And let’s face it – filming can be really tedious!

The broadcasts are due to be aired on Facebook from 3rd June.  The rest of the school will be going to the polls on 13th June.


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